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Insert Molding

Insert Molding service

China Insert Molding service

Custom Insert Molding With Tiandiao

Tiandiao offers insert molding as part of its injection molding capabilities. For a free insert molding design review and quote, Sent your CAD files to us here. Our expert team of injection molders will get back to you within 24 hours. If injection molding isn’t the best fit for you, you could also try urethane casting or 3D printing. Precision CNC machining parts.

Precision CNC machining parts

Insert Molding is an injection molding process that works especially well for parts that have threaded holes. It can also help you create better wheels, pulleys, fan blades, and other similar parts. Done correctly, insert molding can help:
• Eliminate assembly: You can make parts all at once instead of having to do assembly after the fact.
• Reduce costs: Insert molding costs more than standard injection molding, but the costs are usually offset by the fact that you no longer need to do post-assembly.
• Lower the size and weight of the part: A plastic part with a metal insert is generally lighter than an all-metal part.
• Improve reliability: Metal inserts will guarantee the function of threads and mitigate wear and tear over the part’s life.
• Improve part strength: Because it’s a “one-shot” process, it can produce stronger parts than overmolding and other processes. Injection Molding design.

Applications for Insert Molding

Insert Molding Advantages

Insert Molding Advantages

Durability: Metal inserts will guarantee the function of threads and mitigate wear and tear over the part’s life. Strength: Because it’s a “one-shot” process, insert molding can produce stronger parts than overmolding and other processes. Creating Production Parts: Insert molding is great for creating prototypes and production parts.

Other Types of Injection Molding at Tiandiao

Thermoplastic Injection Molding Tiandiao delivers top quality plastic injection molded parts in as little as 10 business days. Our Manufacturing can help you design and manufacture tools, dies, and molds for rapid tooling for prototyping to advanced mold making for production runs. Full injection molding capabilities including overmolding, unlimited undercuts, and internal/external threads are available.

Overmolding Overmolding lets you combine multiple materials into one part. One material, usually a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE/TPV), is molded onto a second material, which is often a rigid plastic. Think about your toothbrush handle where the single piece has both rigid and rubbery components. It’s a great way to make plastic parts perform and look better.

Range of Mold Making Options Our advanced 3D printers and professional engineers allow us to quickly convert your 3D part data into a high-quality injection mold at top speed. We offer services from design and manufacturing for tools, dies, and molds for prototyping and production runs. Plastic blow molds, aluminum and steel tooling, 2-shot and 3-shot molding are also available. And with Tiandiao, you own your own tools.

Applications for Insert Molding

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